Alternative to Dentures

Teeth Tomorrow’s Dental Implant Solution

For years, the only dental implant solution was dentures. Now, there are many different alternatives to dentures that are longer lasting, look more natural, and don’t need messy adhesivesDentures often can feel bulky, need to be frequently cleaned, and no matter how custom they are, may not give the patient a stable bite.  

Disadvantages of Dentures

Problems with removable dentures are caused by two basic things: what they are made of, and how they are held in place. 

  • Dentures are made of many different parts and pieces  
  • Each fake tooth is glued to the plastic gum which adheres to your natural gums 
  • Traditional Dentures can have as many as 13 pieces that can chip, wear, break, and fall out 
  • Extra spaces in the dentures can attract odors, stains, and bacteria causing plaque 
  • Dentures can slip and fall out easily if the glue does not adhere properly
  • Dentures need to be taken out often to clean  

Teeth Tomorrow’s Dental Implants  

Teeth Tomorrow dental implants are an alternative to dentures made from a single piece of material called Prettau® Zirconia. This material is unique because of its low-maintenance and how natural it looks and feels.  

A Better Alternative to Dentures

Teeth Tomorrow has an implant solution for those who want a permanent and natural looking smile again. Prettau® Zirconia is non-porous material, making it resistant to odors, stains, and plaque. The dental implants from Tomorrow are custom-fit and shaded to match your natural teeth. Some other benefits to Teeth Tomorrow dental implants are:  

  • No adhesives needed – that means no more soaking your teeth overnight  
  • Brush your teeth like normal again, no need to floss 
  • This is a permanent solution and has a 99.9% success rate with our patients  
  • Our dental implants won’t crack, stain, break, chip, and may even last a lifetime 

Choose Teeth Tomorrow to Improve your Lifestyle and Well-Being

Teeth Tomorrow’s full mouth dental implant is a naturally beautiful full set of teeth and gums that you care for just like normal teeth. No more adhesives, no more slipping, no more teeth in a glass at night – no more dentures. 

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